D&W Fresh Market Weekly Ad (6/19/2022 – 6/25/2022) Preview!

The D&W Fresh Market weekly ad, found at https://www.shopdwfreshmarket.com/p/flyers, is an online advertisement developed by D&W that can help you save money. If you receive the ad in paper form, you are not required to visit the online website and view it online, but many people don’t receive the paper ads, and it is important to the company that they are able to save money too.

D&W Fresh Market Weekly Ad: Valid Dates: 6/19/2022 – 6/25/2022 (Click Here)

How to Save with the D&W Fresh Market Weekly Ad

Companies know that people want to save money while purchasing the required items for their home. Because of this, many offer special coupons and other discounts. However, it is important that people know when things go on sale, which can save them even more. Therefore, they have created the weekly ad to help them. Before, they couldn’t have their ad online, so they may have missed specific people who live too far out to send ads to, but with the online version, anyone can view it and have savings.

How to Keep Updated with the D&W Fresh Market Weekly Ad

  1. Go to https://www.shopdwfreshmarket.com/p/flyers.
  2. A pop-up will show on your screen that asks you to put in your zip code or city and state to find your local store. When you have found your store, click the icon that looks like a house to set it as your home store. You will then be redirected to the weekly ad for that store.
  3. Scroll down and view the first page of the ad. Use the right arrow buttons to move to the next page.
  4. Click any item you are interested in to place it in your shopping list.
  5. When you are finished adding items and viewing the ad, you can print out your shopping list and take it with you on your visit.

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