Pep Boys Weekly Ad (2/27/2022 – 4/2/2022) Preview – Download!

The Pep Boys Weekly Ad is a virtual advertisement of the savings that are available each week at Pep Boys stores. This website has been developed by Pep Boys to allow customers several options, including viewing the weekly sales items available. With the design of the online Pep Boys Weekly Ad, customers also have the ability to create a personal account that will allow you to keep track of all your car’s information and service in that you have had. Find the parts that you need for your car’s specific make and model. Receive exclusive offers sent straight to your email. There is online access to your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Customers can stay on top of any recall notices for their vehicle. Receive reminders when it’s time for service on your vehicle.

Pep Boys Weekly Ad: Valid Dates: 2/27/2022 – 4/2/2022 (Download)

How to Save with the Pep Boys Weekly Ad

Pep Boys values all their customers and have designed this website to offer weekly saving and much more to keep track of your vehicles information and service recommendations. Simply by going online to the Pep Boys Weekly Ad will allow you to view the savings of items r services that you are seeking to save you money.

How to Keep Updated with the Pep Boys Weekly Ad

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Zip Code to find the location of the Pep Boys location you would like to visit.
  3. You may also choose from the locations listed to provide you with the current Pep Boys Weekly Ad for this location.
  4. By registering with your current email address, you will receive information on current sales and important information about service for the vehicle that you have entered into your profile.
  5. Several other options are available to keep you informed of current sales and promotions, such as a Pep Boys Rewards Card. Have a wonderful time exploring this website that has been designed with the customer in mind.

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