Rexall Weekly Flyer (6/3/2022 – 6/9/2022) Preview!

The Rexall Weekly Flyer, found at, is an online flyer developed by Rexall that can help you save money.

Rexall Weekly Flyer: Valid Dates: 6/3/2022 – 6/9/2022 (Click Here)

How to Save with the Rexall Weekly Flyer

Saving money is helpful, no matter how financially stable you are. Therefore, you’ll see all the specials for that week. Each week, new things will be on sale, so you’ll always want to check each week. You can also save money by checking out the special offers and coupons tab, found at the top of the website. They will allow you to save even more.

How to Keep Updated with the Rexall Weekly Flyer

Once you get to the flyer, after inputting your location, there is a text box near the top of the site. Input your email address and click the sign-up button so that you can have the flyer emailed to you. You may also opt in for other emails, such as tips and contests. You are not required to do this step, but it can help you save money and remind you when a new ad is available.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the postal code of your home area or the one closest to you. Select the preferred store, as more than one may appear. The closest ones will be listed first.
  3. Choose the flyer you wish to view, as there may be multiple options.
  4. To switch to a different ad, click the more flyers tab, if applicable.
  5. View the ad and see what’s available and on sale. You can click on the items you want to get, which will be added to your shopping list.
  6. When you’re finished, you can click the shopping list link, which will allow you to add items, make changes, save or print it.

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