Toys R Us Canada Weekly Flyer (5/12/2022 – 5/23/2022) Preview

The Toys R Us Canada Weekly Flyer, found at, is an online flyer developed by Toys R Us Canada to help you save money.

Toys R Us Canada Weekly Flyer: Valid Dates: 5/12/2022 – 5/23/2022 (Click Here)

How to Save with the Toys R Us Canada Weekly Flyer

Kids love toys and it is especially nice to be able to buy something great for birthdays or other holidays. However, it can be tricky when toys are so expensive, though using the weekly flyer can help. They offer sales on popular toys all the time, allowing you to save money on the items your kids will love. You can also click on the deals tab on the website to find even more savings.

How to Keep Updated with the Toys R Us Canada Weekly Flyer

Staying updated is all about creating an account, which will provide you with the weekly flyer in your inbox. You can also use that account to order online in a safe and secure manner, while being able to track your purchase and receive updates on the status of your order.

  1. Go to
  2. Typically, the postal code is already provided and you just confirm it. However, if it is incorrect, or doesn’t show one, you can always enter the correct one and click confirm.
  3. Select the flyer you wish to view; there may be multiple ones available. You can always switch between them.
  4. To switch to a new one, click the more flyers tab and select the one you want to view.
  5. Scroll down to view all the savings and use the arrows to move between pages. You can also use the slider bar to change pages.
  6. Consider clicking on the items you want, as they will be automatically added to your shopping list, making it easier to remember what you want to buy.

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